TongsFor over 100 years, our highly skilled blacksmiths have produced “the best tongs you can get!!”

We are recognized as the industry leader…. furnishing tongs for any process requiring quality custom tools.

Typical Tongs Styles

To facilitate communication, we have created Typical Tong Styles, which fit most applications. These are found on our Tongs Quote Request page. We can, however, modify any of these, or create literally any other shape per your specific requirement.

Request a Tongs Quote

Our tools are:

  • Designed per your specific requirements and proportioned to increase worker safety, comfort and productivity
  • Produced to fit your parts – better fit avoids damage to your parts or material
  • Available in a wide range of materials and heat treatments.- providing best match for use
  • Provide maximum life and lowest overall operating cost.

Each pair of our tongs is marked with identification which provides identification and complete traceability.

We maintain permanent file copies of drawings facilitate easy reordering.

Tongs are manufactured to your specific dimensions from any forgeable material. To Hold dimensions or shapes are usually held to +/- 1/6″ … other dimensions +/- 1/8″.

Common Material Choices: 1010-1020, 1040, 4140, 4615, 8620, T304, T316, Aluminum, Titanium, Inconel, Monel, or any other forgeable metal.

Additional Services Available:  Heat Treatment, Coating, NDT inspection such as Magnaflux or Die Penetrant, Proof Testing.