Overview on Rose Metal Industries: NEO Contract Manufacturing for Industry

Rose Metal Industries (RMI) is an over-110 year old, third-generation family-held metalworking business. We operate three facilities throughout northeast Ohio and manufacture a diverse range of industrial products.

Based on a strong heritage of skilled blacksmith forging, our forge shop provides steel mills and other metal processors with high-quality tongs, special tools and test specimen blanks.

Both build-to-print and custom-engineered products are produced in RMI’s fabrication facilities. The design and fabrication of heat and corrosion-resistant items is a specialty. RMI furnishes both robotic production welding and contract manufacturing services for our many customers.

Our end markets include primary and secondary metals, stamping, heavy truck, aircraft, solar energy, and health care products, as well as a variety of general industries. RMI also produces a line of standard ladles and skimmers which are used by foundries, smelters and die casters.

Why do Rose Metal Industries’ Customers return regularly?

They expect and receive consistently top-of-the-line quality products:

  • at competitive prices
  • furnished on time
  • along with personal, responsive, task-specific assistance

Rose customers value:

  • access to open communication with RMI’s top managers
  • the firm’s flexibility and responsiveness in time-critical situations
  • input from RMI’s managers and production engineers on product design & changes that routinely save money or improve product performance within our contract manufacturing service
  • RMI’s high standards of quality as a century-old metal fabrication business
  • the benefit of continuous product and process improvement

Major Markets Served

Aerospace – Aircraft Engine Manufacturing
• Furnace Components, Thermal Processing Fixturing

Automotive, Truck and Trailer – OEM and After-Market Components
• Components, Weldments, Prototyping Service

Forging – Hot Material Handling
• Tongs, Special Tools

Health Care Equipment
• Components, Weldments

Molten Metal Processing – Foundry, Die Casting, Smelting
• Skimmers, Ladles, Tongs, Special Tools, Furnace Doors, Misc. Fabrication

Steel Producing and Processing
• Tongs, Caster Spray Rings, Misc. Fabrication, Test Specimen Forging, Test Spoons

Thermal Treating – Heat Treating and Coating
• Furnace Components, Fixturing, Grids, Retorts, Muffles, Baskets

Solar Energy
• Panel Support Brackets, Linkages, Other Hardware

Community Involvement

Rose Metal strongly supports and maintains active memberships in those professional, business and local associations related to our metal industry and community such as:

AWS – American Welding Society
ASM – American Society for Metals
EWI – Edison Welding Institute
• CAMP – Cleveland Advanced Manufacturing Program
ABANA – Art Blacksmith Association of North America

COSE – Council of Smaller Enterprises of the Greater Cleveland Growth Association
(Cleveland’s Chamber of Commerce)
ERC – Employers Resource Council

SCSNDA – St Clair Superior Neighborhood Development Association
• Various local police and firefighting organizations
• Ingenuity Cleveland