We offer over six decades of experience fabricating virtually all thermal and corrosion resistant alloys.

Consider us as a source for:

  • Heat resistant items – fixturing, furnace parts, retorts, grids and baskets
  • Corrosion related products – tanks, baskets, barrels and hooks.

Our design team is well respected for its success in creating efficient parts processing fixturing and improving life of heat treat equipment …. always focusing on lowest overall operating cost


 .  HeatTreatBasket1  HeatTreatBasketForEngineBlocks   WorkSupportBaseMadeOf T330  AirQuenchRacksWForktruck     PelletBaskets1   PelletBaskets2HeatTreatBasketsWForktruck1  QuadFixtureGroup      Blade  CAPT Basket 5   Suspension Knuckle Baskets
RoundBasketWithGrid    RodBasketsOnGrid   Tiered Round Heat Treat Fixture       

Articulated Suspension Fixture     MonelBasket   BasketCoated  PVCCoatedBasketRotatingBarrelMultipleCropped1