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Pickle Baskets Ready To ShipIn addition to fabricating new equipment, we support our customers by repairing items for which rework can extend economic life. In this case, our baskets are used in a pickle line to process heavy forgings. Over time the PVC coating is abraded and the side mesh deteriorates. By stripping the coating, replacing mesh, repairing framework as needed and re-coating, the service life can be doubled with approximately 40 – 50% of new cost invested.

Basket Stripped Basket Repaired Basket Coated

Product Description – Repair of PVC Coated Stainless Steel Pickle Baskets

Market – Forging

Material – Type 304 Stainless Steel with PVC Coating

Size – Basket 36 ” long x 30″ wide x 24″ Deep

Manufacturing Processes – Stripping, Plasma cutting, MIG welding, PVC Coating

Tolerances – Fabricating +/- 1/16”

Quantities – One to Six per lot

Inspection – Dimensional – conventional instruments, Welds – Visual