Hot Forming-TwistingPDF Download

The designed shape of many items is best achievable through heating and forming. In this case, OEM blender blades are formed to print by twisting while hot. Heating is carefully controlled to insure that material grain size is maintained. While not a precision process, twisting is skillfully performed in hand operated tooling but held to within print specification of +/- 1 deg. Our blacksmith shop offers a unique solution for manufacturers requiring such specialty operations in lot sizes too small to set up in house capability.

Product Description – Blender Blades are formed by hot twisting

Market – OEM Machinery

Materials – D2 and other tool steels, 440CSS

Size – Twisted section sizes of 1/2″ x 1 through 1″ x 2″ with parts length to 4 Ft

Processes – Hot Forming with custom hand operated tooling

Tolerances –  +/-  1 Degree

Quantities – 1 to 50 pcs per lot

Inspection – Special gauging, visual