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Similar to the other robotic weldments we make for the MK93 mod-2 machine gun mount used by U.S. Armed Forces, this Adjustment Arm sub-assembly is made to strict military standards and quality assurance provisions. The production process starts out with a sheet of ¼” HRPO 4130 steel that is precision laser-cut and precisely formed to ensure component consistency. That is critical for controlling the weld joint location, weld gap, and weld distortion on tightly tolerance assemblies. Following our robotic welders, a final machining is required to hold GD&T – it is phosphated and CARC coated.

Product Description – Adjustment Arm Assembly, MK93 Mod 2 Machine Gun Mount

Market – Military

Materials – ASTM 4130 steel. Plate thicknesses of .250”

Contract Manufacturing Processes –  Single Arm Robotic MIG Welding, using Farris wheel positioner

Overall Size – 2.58” x 7.24” x 13.00”

Total Weld Length – 10.8”

Tightest Tolerances – +.002”/- .000” for machined hole diameters with .005” True position

Assembly Weight – 3.90 lbs

Quantities – Production lot sizes of 800 pc to 1,000 pcs

Inspection – Welds to AWS D1.1 and TACOM/Military specs – Multiple check fixtures, AWS Certified visual ND and Macro-Etch weld inspection; Dimensional – CMM with COC required